Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Parenting the At Risk Child
What does a baby need for well-being? It turns out babies need the same three things everyone else does:
Is there parenting advice for preventing ADHD starting in infancy?
There are things parents can do that reduce the risk of ADHD and later symptoms of ADHD. Prevention of ADHD involves increasing a child's ability to love and working on his impulse control from an early age. Studies show that a strong early bond with parent increases impulse control in young children.

What can I do to make sure my baby fully develops his Ability to Love?
For details on teaching your baby to love see: Just Like His Father?

What skills does a baby/toddler need to master?For details on developing skills that will immunize your child against ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior: The Child Well-being Workbook.

Responsiveness means being sensitive to your child's needs and desires both expressed and unexpressed. Responsiveness depends on empathy. Empathy is part of a parent's Ability to Love. Many things in our lives decrease our Ability to Love our children. To learn how to maximize your own Responsiveness and Ability to Love see The Parent's Well-being Workbook.
1. Relatedness: Babies and toddlers need to have close family relationships. In fact the bith to three years are most important to your child's later ability to love.

2. Competency: Infants and toddlers need to develop many skills. They need to believe they CAN do things. Development of language and motor skills is very important in at risk infants and toddlers. Verbal and motor ability may help to prevent some of the brain problems that give rise to ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior.

Autonomy: Even babies need some autonomy. Autonomy means having the freedom and security to feel, think and explore. The right amount of autonomy allows an infant/toddler to begin to discover who he is as a unique growing person

The best way to prevent ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial behavior is to start prevention at birth or sooner!
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Just Like His Father?Genetic Connection Between ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial Behavior


The Child Well-Being Workbook


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