Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Genetic Connection Between ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial Behavior

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Why should you work hard to help your child develop Ability to Love?

Ability to Love is the key to happiness and well-being.

Ability to Love is the core of good character.

When a person develops his ability to love and fully enjoys his relationships, he is immunized against addiction and antisocial behavior!

Your at risk child may not fully develop his ability to love unless you work at it!
Your love for your child is not enough. You must teach him how to love you back. You must also teach him how to love others and to be a friend. Do not expect your at risk child to learn how to love without teaching and practice. For more parenting advice see Just Like His Father?
Fathers need to enjoy affection with their children!
He feels and enjoys having, affectionate feelings toward special people.

He shows empathy toward those he loves.

He wants to take care of those he loves.

He at times sacrifices his own desires in order to provide for a loved person.
Ability to Love: A person with ability to love does ALL of the following in relationships:

He seeks to be physically close to and spend time with others.