Chuck that stroller!
Your at risk child can walk further/faster than you can. Have you ever noticed your child will complain bitterly about walking, insist on riding in the stroller then run around like a "mad man" once you get home? Why does the child complain about walking? It is not because he is tired. He has just not trained his brain to do this repetitive activity so he becomes bored. If you give in to his boredom, he will never learn to control it. Start by insisting he walk 15 minutes then increase by 5 min. every few days. Distract him by talking, singing, and pointing out things to look at. If he refuses to talk and cries the entire time, tell him he has to walk for____ minutes and keep going. If he senses you mean it, he'll do it. Your preschool child needs exercise as much as your grade school child.

Exercise with your child!
To lose weight an adult also needs to exercise 60 min. each day. Take walks together every day. Play catch in the park or yard. If your child cannot throw or catch well, this game provides a lot of exercise for both of you, chasing the ball.

Check out this great product Dr. Leedom has herself:

Its an attachment that turns your trail bike into a tandem for you and your child. You can use it to teach your child to ride a bike, and you can both exercise together! Visit Performance Bike.

Please write us and share your ideas for exercise and your at risk child.

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    Exercise 60 minutes a day

    At risk children require a lot of exercise. In fact, the experts at the Center for Disease Control recommend ALL children do 60 minutes of high intensity exercise each day.

    What age children need 60 minutes of exercise a day?
    By age 3 children need 60 minutes of exercise a day. A very active 2 year old likely also needs this much. Remember, your at risk child is capable of more than you think!

    Recently, one of our visitors asked how to get her 4 year old to sit long enough to be read to. We strongly recommend exercise for children, before learning time. One child development expert I know has a school-age son who is hyperactive (ADHD). She has him jump on a small exercise trampoline for 20 Min before school. Remember to discuss exercise with your doctor if your child takes medication.