1. Since they are strong-willed, "at-risk" children may believe that they are Chief and can therefore bend the rules to suit their whims.

2. Since they may have poor impulse control, "at risk" children who frequently break rules due to poor control have two choices when it comes to believing in values. The first choice is to view themselves as bad because they cannot abide by rules. The second is to view rules as stupid.

3. Because "at risk" children may not properly develop empathy, moral reasoning is impaired. For parenting advice and to help your "at risk" child develop moral reasoning see Just Like His Father?
Moral Reasoning is the first step toward moral behavior. Parenting may increase or decrease a child's moral behavior.

Punishment of wrong doing may actually reduce moral behavior in at risk children! At risk children may be born with a reduced ability to learn from punishment.

Your at risk child's needs may be different from those of other children! At risk children require an exceptionally strong bond with parent to develop moral reasoning and moral behavior.

Parents who are overly controlling fail with at risk kids. Autonomy (freedom to make choices) in situations where a child is likely to make his own good moral decision strengthens moral behavior.
Parents of at risk children have to become good at setting their kids up for success. For advice about parenting to set your at risk child up for success, see Just Like His Father?

Moral Reasoning Ability protects against and helps to prevent addiction and antisocial behavior. Kids with ADHD can have a difficult time developing moral reasoning.
Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Parenting the At Risk Child
Moral Reasoning involves belief in values, and understanding of society's rules. "At risk" children have a more difficult time developing moral reasoning for several reasons:

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