Are you the parent of an at risk child? If so, the Parent's Pledge is for you! There are three ways children learn from their parents.

Model for your child the values and attitudes you want him to share.

Teach him with your words the things he needs to know.

Influence him with your positive attitude.

In order to be a model for your child, you must first take care of your own well-being. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Reduce your life stress. Look after your own physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. If you have depression, get help. If you smoke, quit. Exposure to second hand smoke is very bad for an at risk child.
What causes risk for ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior? Risk happens because of problems in three abilities that involve inborn temperament.

The first is ability to love. At risk children may have a difficult time learning to value and enjoy close relationships.

The second is impulse control. At risk children have a difficult time learning to control their impulses.

The third is moral reasoning. Because of problems with ability to love and impulse control, at risk children may have a difficult time learning moral lessons.
Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Parenting the At Risk Child
Genetic Connection Between ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial Behavior

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The Parent's Pledge: Beginning today, I will be a positive model for my child. I will teach him to love. I will be a positive influence, creating an atmosphere of peace and joy in our home.