Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
FALL 2008

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For Parents of Preschool Children
You have an at-risk preschool child if any of these apply:

1. You have a family history of antisocial behavior, addiction, alcoholism or ADHD.

2. Your child has an at-risk temperament.

3. Your child has difficulty with verbal and/or fine motor skills.
Do all you can to prevent your preschool child from developing ADHD.

There are things parents can do that reduce the risk of ADHD and later symptoms of ADHD. Prevention of ADHD involves increasing a child's Ability to Love and working on his Impulse Control from an early age. Studies show that a strong bond with parent increases Impulse Control in young children.

Parents need to learn how to create that strong bond. Creating a strong emotional bond with your at risk child may not be easy. At risk children have temperamental traits that interfere with bonding.

All the steps you can take to prevent ADHD in your child are found in Just Like His Father? and The Child Well-Being Workbook.

Ability to Love and Impulse Control enable a preschool child to learn the other skills he needs to be ready for kindergarten

Make sure your child has a blood lead level checked. If his speech is delayed, have it checked again. Avoid exposure to second hand smoke. Provide your child a well balanced diet and nutritional supplements. Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise.

What can I do to make sure my preschooler fully develops his Ability to Love?
For details on teaching your preschooler to love see: Just Like His Father?

What skills does a preschooler need to master? For details on developing your preschooler's impulse control and competency see: The Child Well-Being Workbook.

Articles about preschoolers by Dr. Liane Leedom:

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More on fine motor skills in preschool...
Problems with fine motor skills go hand in hand with low impulse control and often indicate risk for ADHD and other behavioral disorders. It may be that the part of the brain that controls the fine muscles of the hand also controls the Self and Self-Control. Hand control therefore helps Self control!

Working on fine motor skills helps improve impulse control in at risk preschoolers. Check out our suggestions for improving fine motor skills and impulse control in your child.

What else can I do to improve my preschool child's impulse control?

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and exercise.

Teach your child the words he needs to talk about his feelings. Tell your child "Words are powerful use your words" instead of taking, hitting, pushing etc. Tell him exactly what to say. For more see The Child Well-Being Workbook.

Teach your child that hitting and yelling are not good ways to get what he wants and are not acceptable.

Model impulse control for your child as you deal with your own anger, stress and frustration.

What does a preschool child need for well-being? Preschoolers need the same three things everyone else does:

1. Relatedness: Preschool children need to have close family relationships. In addition, preschool children need to learn to love their friends. Learn how to teach your child to love, read Just Like HIs Father?

2. Competency: Preschool children need to develop many skills. They need to believe they CAN do things. Impulse control is one of the skills preschol children begin to acquire. Learn how to teach your child Impulse Control, read Just Like HIs Father?

Autonomy: Preschoolers need autonomy. The right amount of autonomy allows a preschooler to be who he is, as a unique growing person. Parents who are overly controlling fail with at risk children. Learn how to help your child control himself! See all our great products for parents and kids!

The best way to prevent ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial behavior is to start prevention in preschool or sooner!

Parenting the At-Risk Child