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From the Manufacturer
Educational video gaming just got smarter! With the V.Smile TV Learning System, your child learned math, spelling, logic and more! Now, we've added a microphone for a fun sing-a-long feature and a writing pad stylus to teach proper letter stroke order! The V.Smile TV Learning System is a brilliant breakthrough in TV gaming that combines a video game platform and educational content in a system that plugs directly into your television! This award-winning system plays Smartridges that are made especially for 3 to 7 year olds.

From Dr. Leedom
Not all of the cartridges made for this game for 3-7 year olds are appropriate for an at risk child. The Alphabet Park Adventure cartridge that comes with the set, has a character that screams as she falls to her death. Many children find the screams funny. It is not good for an at risk child to be laughing at a screaming, falling character. Listed below are the cartridges I thought were good. Stay away from super heroes like Spiderman when buying games for an at risk boy.


Editorial Review
Though the original Disney movie was released some time ago, the appeal of Cinderella has never really wavered. In this entertaining and educational game and activity set for use only with V-Tech’s V Smile line of electronic toys, Cinderella must overcome a series of brainy challenges to rise to her true status of Princess. As a reward for helping her arrive at such a royal station, kids learn music, creativity, patterns, spatial relations, problem solving and more. Some games will be easier than others, depending on the natural aptitudes of whoever is playing, but all of them present unique challenges and all have educational value. --Charlie Williams

Product Description
Turn game time into brain time with the V.Smile Learning System Smartridges. Each Smartridge challenges young minds to learn important school basics through fun activities. A helpful voice prompts kids to successfully maneuver through games. V.Smile Learning System sold separately.

Pooh will take your child on a journey to the Hundred Acre Wood in search of the elusive honey. Along the way, they'll learn alphabet, phonics, numbers, counting, shapes, telling time and vocabulary.

Product Description
Take a fun-filled journey with Barney, BJ and Baby Bop to find the princess in the Land of Make Believe. By following Barney and his friends, preschoolers will learn colors, numbers, letters, animals, counting, vocabulary, patterns and more. Along the way, kids will be encouraged by Barney to think and explore.

To find the princess on this journey, kids must complete eight games in the Learning Adventure mode. The games range from following numbers in chronological order to matching objects with correct beginning letters. The Learning Adventure games also enhance spatial skills and hand-eye coordination. Four shorter Learning Zone games focus on patterns, object identification, colors and completing sequences to keep kids on target with preschool skills.

Editorial Review
Young fans of the perennially popular Bob the Builder series will enjoy this entertaining cartridge compatible with the V Smile system. In fact, they’ll probably have so much fun playing the various games and activities put forth by Bob and his pals that they won’t even realize that they’re learning about letters, colors, shapes, and counting. We appreciated how many different characters from the Bob series were involved as well as the non-competitive nature of the games. When the incorrect answer is selected, the blow is cushioned with enough encouragement to keep most kids happily playing. Can we learn it? Yes we can! --Charlie Williams

Product Description
Join the beloved Care Bears to learn about the true meaning of caring! As kids journey through enchanting worlds with their Care Bear friends, they engage in challenging games and activities that teach key preschool skills like letters, numbers, counting and more. In five clever learning adventures kids must master lessons in colors, shapes, numbers, matching and letters to help their friends Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Bedtime Bear, Friend Bear and Funshine Bear. Four shorter arcade-style games, focused on letters, number matching, shape sorting and color identification, keep kids on target with their learning.

Product Description
As Bert sorts his collectibles, Ernie accidentally messes them up and they magically vanish. Travel with Bert and Ernie on an exciting journey through their imaginations in Pigeon Garden, Rubber Duckie World, Moon Walker and Dinosaur Island and help Bert find all his lost collectibles. Each exotic area is full of learning games that teach skills such as spelling, number patterns, logic, vocabulary, mathematics and classification. This is one of the best V- Smile cartridges.

  • Features oversized help and exit buttons, and a large directional joystick for small hands.
  • Switch for left or right-handed players;
  • Features a writing pad space and touch sensitive stylus for added gameplay value.

Product Description
With the help of the V.Smile Learning System, this art studio will help your child become the next budding Picasso! This interactive, creative studio provides opportunities to unleash your childs imagination! The touch-sensitive drawing pad, which looks like an artists palette, and interactive stylus allow children to scribble, draw and learn while seeing their masterpieces appear on the television screen. With over 12 activities included, children can learn to draw lines and shapes, create pictures, color objects, experiment with mixing colors, and tap into their own creativity by drawing their own, unique masterpieces. With a save function included, young artists can save up to five pictures, add animations into their drawings, and then prepare a slideshow for viewing on the television screen. Plus, the Art Studio features fun games such as making toys, rainbow chase, and animation maker to keep children engaged. With the V.Smile Art Studio, every child is an amazing artist!

Fisher Price Smart Cycle

We highly recommend the smart cycle for at risk kids who need exercise every day rain or shine! Kids gain reading and math skills while they exercise. Dr. Leedom's own son has one of these and loves it.

Product Features

  • Smart Cycle is a Plug & Play (TV), Hardware/Software system. The child can customize his/her vehicle on screen (color/model etc.) and explore different themes (environments) that are sold separately.
  • Games reinforce important preschool and grade school concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Child's favorite character friends offer help and encouragement during game play.
  • In Explore/ Encounter mode, the child pedals to drive through various environments, learning on the way.
  • In Arcade Games mode, the child can take a pit stop into an arcade game that is played with the joystick.
  • The toy comes with the Learning Journey software and other themes sold separately.

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