Temperament is the "personality" your child was born with. Research shows that at-risk children have the following temperamental qualities:

Aloof : They have difficulty forming and enjoying loving relationships.

Anger-Prone: They have a “Hair-trigger” for anger. SEE MORE

Impulsive: They have poor impulse control. SEE MORE

Fearless: They lack of fear. This lack of fear changes the way they respond to punishment. SEE MORE

Outgoing: They have a strong desire to explore the social and physical environment.

Dominant: They have a strong desire to be at the top of the pecking order. SEE MORE

Just Like His Father? gives you the tools you need to manage your "at risk" child's temperament.

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Mixed Temperaments

ANXIETY: Sometimes impulsive children are not completely fearless. They can have difficulty controlling anxiety and fears and these interfere with their lives.

The mixed temperament child can be very difficult because the parent has to help the child manage both impulsiveness and anxiety.

We have a new set of resources for the parents of mixed temperament children. The emotions management package:

1. Just Like His Father?
2. The Child Well-Being eWorkbook
3. More Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill out (an anger and stress management guide)

4. Hot Stuff to Worry Less

(These books are great for adults too!)
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Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
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Fall 2008

Just Like His Father? Just Like His Father? Parenting book by Liane J. Leedom, M.D.


Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out
The Anger Management Book for Kids and Teens

Hot stuff to help kids chill out

The Child Well-Being eWorkbook
The Child Well-Being Workbook

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