Scientists have found that three things lead to well-being.

Relatedness. The number one requirement for well-being is relatedness. We all require loving, supportive relationships with others.

Competency. A sense of competency or belief that one is a capable person who possesses enough ability to succeed in life is the second requirement.

Autonomy. Lastly, the third requirement is autonomy "the quality of self governance." Autonomy means freedom to make many of your own choices. Kids and teens need to practice making choices for themselves. When kids and teens make good choices they build character. If you choose for a child or teen you do not improve his character. As parents we walk a fine line between protecting a child/teen and allowing him the freedom to make the choices that will build character.

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parenting the at risk child

Well-being is not the same as happiness. Happiness comes from things that give us pleasure. Not all of life’s pleasures lead to well-being, in fact some may be harmful over time.

Parents must help at risk children work to achieve well-being.

Without the right guidance, at risk children will make choices that undermine well-being. In order to have the relatedness they need, at risk children must have ability to love and impulse control. Moral Reasoning Ability helps teens be autonomous without getting in trouble!

Well-being is a state of physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.
What is well-being? What does your child need for well-being?
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